Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Efficiency program in driver information system

Supported models: Audi A4 (8K), A5 (8T), Q5 (8R)


    The Drivers information System (DIS), with the new efficiency program continuously monitors things such as using the heated rear windscreen unnecessarily, or simple things such as having a window slightly open. It then advises you on the necessary adjustments that you can make to improve your fuel consumption. 
This probably applies from model year 2010. 
  • OBDeleven device
  • Android phone or tablet 
  • OBDeleven application from Google Play (Free)
  • Credits: 10 (~ 1 Eur)
  1. Open OBDeleven app press "Connect" 
  2. Go to  "My car" menu
  3. Press "Apps" button
  4. Select "Efficiency program" app
  5. Press "Activate" 

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